Fabric color choices, along with trims, allow the customer to personalize the building. For businesses, customers often identify the building by the awnings. They were used extensively in ancient Greece and Rome; their effectiveness is still lauded and used throughout the world. Best of all, unless motorized retraction is used, they are energy free to use and help reduce cooling bills.

Any window or patio, regardless of shape or size can benefit from an awning. During summer’s heat, they shade the window, thus preventing heat gain and reducing the HVAC system’s workload. This results in lower utility costs. Awnings on the front of a house can shade the front door and windows from the sun as well; guests do not have to stand in the rain waiting for someone to answer the door.

Patio awnings are popular in residential, mobile home, business and RV settings. These are often retractable, meaning they can be wound around a roller and stored in the event of snow, ice or high winds. Motorized and hand crank models are available to suit any budget or preference.

Outdoor entertaining and recreation is popular during summer months; having shade from the sun makes the experience comfortable. Awnings can do more than provide shade; attachable screen walls turn plain patios into outdoor rooms, complete with doors. UV resistant fabric stops the sun from heating up the space, allowing the owner and guests to enjoy the outdoors without any drawbacks. The screens also stop pests such as flies and mosquitoes from bothering anyone.

A wide variety of fabrics is used in the awning industry. Customers can choose from a plethora of solids, stripes and other designs. Business logos are often screened onto awnings for branding. For vintage or heritage houses, awnings can be made to reflect the style of the house and neighborhood. For mobile homes and RV’s, fabrics reflective of the home’s or vehicle’s style are available. Awnings may also enhance the home or business’s resale value; structures without them can appear plain or unfinished.

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