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Since 1995, All Seasons Sun Control has been selling and installing the most technologically advanced Retractable Awnings in the US market. With a passion for awnings and exterior shade structures, we will install your custom order professionally right the first time. In our catalog, you can find different types of outdoor shading systems, made with the best materials and styles conceived to fit every outdoor space.

Protection from the sun is the main purpose of our Retractable Awnings, that is why we are constantly in search of the most innovative technologies and the best materials for your home or business. Our proven experience guarantees safe, durable, and efficient products for all of your shade solutions. All Seasons Sun Control offers professional installation of KE product lines and is able to make outdoor areas of different sizes livable, functional, an extension of your home or business.

Browse All Seasons Sun Controls catalogue and find the shading system most suitable to your needs. The best technologies with a wide range of fabrics to choose from will make your awnings unique and beautiful. Contact us to receive full details of how our many shading systems is the solution to your shading problems. Breathe new life into your outdoor space!


On-demand solar protection with a push of a button!

Our top of the line Bella Plus comes with a bottom cover so your awning is protected from the elements of Mother Nature, available in the full or semi cassette option. Our designers have surpassed technology creating a unique awning that preserves your awning in a full cassette housing. Bella Plus features encapsulated fabric protection with additional arm protection with an expanded projection range up to 14′ 3″.


Our retractable awnings are the ideal solution for covering small, medium, and large patios, porches, balconies, or any area of your home or business. Furthermore, our products are easy to install and thanks to the retractable system they are suitable to any architectural and environmental setting.

Safe, efficient and durable, All Seasons Sun Control line of KE Retractable Awnings are the result of the most advanced innovative technology and they are designed with a rigorous care for every detail, a combination that makes Retractable Awnings the perfect solution for home and businesses!

Discover our wide range of outdoor shading solutions of Retractable Awnings, and with All Seasons Sun Control’s vast experience the best choice for all your outdoor needs.


ALL SEASONS SUN CONTROL offering SunGuard window awnings that provide you an elegant and practical way to protect your home from sun’s harmful rays. Custom-made to fit your window(s) and professionally installed, our extensive line of window awnings allows you to maximize your indoor comfort while control cooling costs. Prevent solar glare from inside your home while adding style and flair to your home’s exterior. Manufactured in the U.S.A.



SunStructure products are unique and designed for both residential and commercial settings. Excellent for locations that require unusual shading and/or waterproof solutions. Create a lasting impression and a cool, relaxed mood. Pictured is the Pergola patio shade cover. Feel free to gives us a call or email for more information.

Gennius SunStructure

GENNIUS T1 can be retrofitted to an existing Pergola

Capable of installing onto pergolas, between walls, under a trellis and more… the T1 has no posts, allowing you to be creative and flexible with attachment methods.

Free Standing A2C model

The Gennius A2c model is our most heavy-duty model; perfect for waterproofing and or shading larger areas. The freestanding version of this model turns an unprotected open seating area into a protected space.

GENNIUS T4 is Water Proof and Mounts to Wall

This Gennius is perfect for sidewalks, urban areas or zones where penetrating front posts is not allowed or optimal.

Double A2C Free Standing

The Gennius A2c model is our most heavy-duty model; perfect for waterproofing and or shading larger areas. The freestanding version of this model turns an unprotected open seating area into a protected space.

L1S - Traditional and Pergola - Simply Beautiful

The Gennius L1S model is our “wooden pergola” Gennius; perfect for waterproofing an outdoor area with a retractable roof cover that has the aesthetics of a wood pergola.


The Gennius A2c model is our most heavy-duty model; perfect for waterproofing and or shading larger areas. The refined lines of the A2c blend seamlessly with traditional to contemporary architecture.



Gennius Isola 2 is the brand-new pergola system by KE. Minimal design meets technology and reliability. With this new unit KE strengthens its worldwide presence proving, once again, to be the leading company in the solar shading world. Innovation, ex…

GENNIUS A100 fits into small Verandas, Terraces providing continuous shade and cover

The Gennius A100 model is our entry-level model; perfect for waterproofing and or shading smaller areas.

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