KEDRY Louvered Pergola

KEDRY is a new range of innovative bioclimatic pergolas with excellent performance and highly customized features.

KEDRY pergolas not only protect you from sun rays during the summer, but most importantly they create a perfect microclimate under the roof thanks to the air circulation between louvres blades.

Thanks to the latest generation of combined climatic sensing technology, the louvres movement can be automated, thus creating custom scenarios. Linear motors ensure smooth and silent automation.

In spring, when the weather changes quickly, KEDRY waterproof structure allows you to stay outside both in any weather situation, good or bad. With the louvres closed the roof becomes waterproof and the runoff is managed by a water collection system. Perimeter gutters and downspouts allow the rainwater to flow through the columns. The blades are designed to allow water discharge through an integrated drip tray, which open past the downspout.

During the summer, it protects from sunlight, creating a perfect microclimate. The spaces between the slats allow air to circulate allowing relief from high temperatures. Thanks to the optional accessories such as the lights kit, which provides the highest lighting comfort – and the music system to enjoy your favorite tunes outdoors, your KEDRY pergola turns into an oasis of well-being.

For privacy and cold protection, you can integrate the perimeter with shading or transparent crystal PVC screens, sliding glass systems or mobile walls for more privacy.

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