Awnings are a great addition to your home. Did you know that awnings can help you save a significant amount on your home cooling costs. In some areas, you can reduce your cooling expenses by up to 25 percent. They can also help you to create a multi-use outdoor living space at a much lower cost than a sunroom or addition to your home. Today’s modern awnings can be controlled to let sun in when it’s cold out and keep the sun out when it’s warmer out. Awnings today come in many different styles, including classic or contemporary. They are also available in both permanent and retractable configurations.

Desert summers can be harsh, but the right awning can make your outdoor environment more tolerable. It’s important to consider additional environmental issues as you select an awning for your patio area. Strong winds during summer afternoons, for example, can turn a weak system into a mangled mess. Durability of awning material is also a priority as the intensity of the sun can shorten the lifespan of many materials. As you decide on the best design and system for your home, you may want to weigh the benefits of professional installation. A contractor who is familiar with the area may be best able to recommend and install the ideal setup for your setting.

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