Shade material is available in different strengths listed as percentages. A 40 percent shade means 40 percent of the sun’s UV rays are blocked. A shade percentage of 90 means that most of the sun’s rays are blocked; this is perfect for energy efficiency in high UV areas.

The material can also be used to create walls for patio covers and awnings, creating outdoor rooms. Cooking in a solar shade material room is not a problem; smoke rises through the fabric. Heat does not raise the room’s temperature; it dissipates in the surrounding air.

Various colors of material are available; this makes it easy for homeowners to match the home’s color scheme or create a harmonious look with different colors. The material can be used as awnings, retractable patio covers, shade roofs for gazebos, to cover garden plants and ponds.

Shade shapes are not limited to mere rectangles; squares and sail shapes are popular for creating unique outdoor areas. Any window such as round, half-round and hexagonal can be energy efficient with custom shades made from solar shade material.

Solar shades are impervious to rot or insect damage; rain and wind pass through without damage. This means no one has to go outside and retract patio covers when winds rise above 20 mph. Use solar shades while camping, RV’ing, or at the beach for instant outdoor comfort.

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