Patio covers allow you to relax comfortably outside no matter what the weather is. They protect outdoor kitchens, barbeques and furniture from the elements. They can be permanent structures with solid roofs, pergolas or awnings. The addition of removable screened or fabric sides can transform the covers into outdoor rooms for entertaining or relaxation.

Houses with patio covers have higher real estate values; that translates into higher profit from rentals or sales. Choose a cover that complements the house’s architecture and color scheme for the best results. Today’s covers can be built from aluminum, wood, PVC, composite or vinyl. Each has its own best properties in different climates and areas. For example, composite, PVC or vinyl will not rot and is impervious to insect damage.

Maintaining the patio cover depends on the materials used for the supports and roofing; match cleansers and weatherproofing to the particular material. Most of the time, a light cleaning with soap and water is all that is required. Wood should be covered with waterproofing or primed and painted. With proper care, a cover can last for decades.

Lexan or other transparent materials create skylight roofing that eliminates the need for lighting during the day and allows stargazing at night. A solid roof covered in shingles ties the cover to the house, resembling an outdoor room. Roller shades help keep the room cool during summer’s heat and provide privacy.

Any size of patio or house can be enhanced by a cover; models are available to fit any budget. Many factors must be taken into consideration including climate, soil, building codes, availability of materials and building plans. Snow and ice can damage or destroy an improperly built or weak patio cover. Few homeowners are adept at designing and building durable patio covers within local building codes. For this reason, a patio cover is best designed and built by professionals.

A patio cover company will send a representative who will measure the patio and carefully take the house’s style and décor into consideration. He or she will help the homeowner choose a model priced within the budget, complements the house’s architecture and fits the family’s lifestyle.

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